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Shelby Washington, CPC-A, CPB, CBCS 

An AAPC and NHA Certified Professional

Not only do I enjoy teaching others the skills needed to be successful, I also enjoy working closely with clinicians while helping them generate revenue for their medical practices.

Hi! I'm Shelby Washington, CPC-A, CPB, CBCS. I am an AAPC Certified Professional Coder and Biller and a NHA Certified Billing and Coding Specialist. I started my career within the healthcare field as a front desk receptionist in 2014. Since obtaining my certification in 2016, I have gained a lot of experience in different specialties. I have worked in ENT, Physical Therapy, Internal Medicine, Home Health, Mental Health, and more. As a single mother, I wanted to be able to be more involved with my son. I was able to start my own medical billing business and land a work-from-home job. This has allowed me to be more flexible with my schedule, spend more time with family, all while generating multiple streams of income.

It makes me proud that I am able to teach others and assist providers in the way that I do. This is a field that is in high demand and offers so many of us the opportunity to win. I'm very passionate about what I do. With determination, I have created a successful full-service medical billing business while working from the comfort of my own home. I would love to help you to do the same! 

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Knowing that this is a field that offers flexibility with lucrative income, I wanted to be able to help others achieve the same things I have achieved over the years. 

S. Washington Consulting, LLC. was established in 2020 by its owner Shelby Washington. We specialize in Healthcare Revenue Management. Our range of services ensures medical practices receive their maximum reimbursement. We offer services such as medical practice start-ups, insurance credentialing, billing, auditing, and AR maintenance. We are dedicated to getting our clients established from start to finish and maintaining your business by maximizing performance and revenue. 


Shelby Washington is a native of Savannah, GA, and a graduate of Herschel V. Jenkins High School. She has always had a passion for healthcare and decided to pursue that field after high school. Shelby attended Savannah Technical College and received a certificate in Medical Billing/Coding in 2013. She began her career in Medical Billing in 2014 and has enjoyed it since. Shelby Washington became an AAPC Certified Professional Biller in December of 2016. Since beginning her career, Shelby has gained experience in ENT, Physical Therapy, Internal Medicine, Mental Health, and other specialties. She is a current student at Saint Leo University and will soon hold a Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Management. She has developed a strong passion for Medical Billing and Coding and enjoys assisting practices in their success. In her spare time, Shelby enjoys traveling and spending time with her son, her partner, and friends. 


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