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Medical billing is expanding so rapidly,
get into this industry today!

If you've been considering a career in the healthcare industry, want to work with healthcare professionals, and enjoy paperwork involving spreadsheets and calculators, a job as a medical billing specialist might be perfect for you. Get all the preparation you need to take the CPB certification and expand your horizons into an exciting field with my intense online Medical Billing courses!



Let Us Help With The Answers.

What Is The Medical Billing Process?

The medical billing process is a series of steps completed by billing specialists to ensure that medical professionals are reimbursed for their services. Depending upon the circumstances, it can take a matter of days to complete or may stretch over several weeks or months. The process may differ slightly between medical offices.

What Is A Medical Biller?  Why A Career In Medical Billing?

As the healthcare system strives to provide more efficient and effective care, medical billing professionals are more important than ever. Medical billers take the codes prepared by the medical coder and submit claims to the insurance company. They then follow up with both the insurance company and the patients to make sure the medical office is compensated properly, the patient is billed correctly, and timely payments are made. We will get you all the preparation you need to take the CPB certification and expand your horizons into an exciting field.


To create a business that supports who you are and the life you want to live, you need to become the CEO of your business.

Medical Billing 

We will submit electronic/paper claims on your behalf. We will also follow claims for claim status and post payments when they are received. 

Aging Report Maintenance 

Follow up with insurance companies to collect payment on outstanding claims. Lower your total number of days in AR!

Virtual assistant 

Our virtual assistants are ready to schedule appointments, verify insurance benefits, initiate authorizations, respond to patient/client inquires. Spend more time interacting with your clients while we work as your assistant! 

Learn More Today.

Let us ensure you are set up for success! Incorrect data can lead to denied and delayed insurance claims. We will review your clinical documents, coding records, and administrative data to sure compliance with industry regulations and maintain quality assurance. We are here to maximize your revenue! 


Get credentialed/paneled with various insurance companies. Increase your patient load and revenue! We do credentials for commercial insurances, government insurances, EAPs, and more. 

Medical Practice Start-Up

We are here to assist you with starting up your own practice from start to finish. Get assistance with obtaining your LLC, Tax ID, Business License, Malpractice Insurance, Policies and Procedures manual, Credentialing, and more. 



Become A Medical Biller



A Medical Biller Company?

As a healthcare provider, you depend heavily on revenue cycle management, submission of claims on a timely basis, payment from insurance companies, and balances paid by patients for their portion of the bill. 

While this is how things work in an ideal world, you’re often left waiting weeks, months, and even longer to get what you deserve.  
That’s why it’s important to hire the best medical billing company; one that ensures all claims are submitted effectively and efficiently so that you get maximum payments and on time too! 

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